That’s the way you do it!

Weymouth today, not quite sure what it would be like, small, quiet fishing village or……. well not as tacky as Blackpool – a bustling seaside resort. the grand fronted houses all now eateries and B&Bs. And on the beach, a Punch and Judy show! Along from that another relic of a bygone age – a bathing machine.

Well now, I haven’t checked out Weymouth on Google or Wkipedia, but I reckon its one of these places that suddenly thrived with the coming of the railways and mass holiday opportunites. I’m actually also minded of the fact that when I was a kid we didn’t go ‘on holiday’  – we went to see relatives…….

So there we are, we spot the Punch and Judy show, and its about to start, and its got all thse kids sitting waiting in anticipation. What is it that makes the  videogame generation still compelled to sit on the sand and watch a  few puppets?

Enagagement, a story, some rituals – these transcend the techological whirligig we live in. In education we need to realise that there are universals, that do not change – and that everythug else does!


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