What’s it really worth?

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Yesterday I took my car into two places for sorting. A stubborn oil leak needed finding and then fixing. So, first off a steam clean of the engine, then round to the garage to get them to find and fix the oil leak. Cost of the steam cleaning – including an all over outside wash and polish – £20! Money well spent. Then I sat and waited for the call  from the garage regarding the oil leak. They had found it, its was a small seal that needed replacement – cost around £12. But…….


Yes I sensed the but was in fact more like a buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut. To get to it would require dismantling of the engine sump, removal of the clutch and the gearbox. Six hours work, estimated cost £270.  So I did a quick calculation in my head of the cost/benefits analysis and reached a conclusion.

Whilst I was sitting waiting for the call my son alerted me a clipping about Leicester City Council and buying some Ipads. <a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-10859748.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-10859748.</span>

So, I wonder if anyone has really calculated what this is worth – or what the cost/ benefit analysis is? Knowing councils well I suspect internally they will have doen a business case. I have had one for a couple of months now. I have had the odd ‘conversation’ with people about their worth. 

If one starts to think about the fact that their battery life is phenomenal, their portability is great, their screens are great, they can handle pdfs and gather information fast and the total cost of ownership is going to be significantly less than clumsy laptops, and that they also will, by their ease of use, be adopted by anyone who is given one, I’d say the business case could be pretty convincing.

If they can only wean the users off needing a ‘paper copy’ ‘just in case’ or ‘I can’t read from a screen’ they’d probably save the cost in a year!

How often do we only see the headline cost of something? Factor in time saved/spent, factor in use and transformation.  

Where was I, the oil leak……

I still have the oil leak. I reckoned the cost of the odd fill up of oil over the next few years was going to work out far far cheaper.

And the steam clean and valet……. wow the car looks much nicer, and I could swear it drives better!

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