Dead heading

Recently my Following/ Followed tally has leapt. I am now following over 900 people. Its not much more than a year since I started on Twitter. Two recent events have led to this significant growth #ukedchat and #gtauk.

I read occasional Tweets from people saying they are pruning their lists, I do wonder why?

There are some people I do not follow though I have the chance. There are some people I do not allow to follow me. There are some I very diplomatically stop following. To fit into these categories you either have to seem to be a complete airhead/ to be a spammer/ or to use immoderate language or views. Other than that I will happily follow or allow to follow.

Pruning is an activity from the garden, its about keeping things cultivated and tidy, or to encourage new growth. It doesn’t apply to Twitter – who knows when suddenly a flower will bloom andimpress, who knows when a seed cast into the twitterverse will germinate in a new form. I want to see it when it does

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