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Years ago I was quite into keeping tropical fish. I learned very early on, at some cost to myself but a much greater cost to the fish, that they lived in a very delicate ecosystem and that I needed to care for this if they were not to freeze, fry or develop nasty diseases. Every so often I needed to clean out the ‘gunge’ and refresh the water by between 10 and 20%.

As usual at this stage a reader may well be asking where is this going?

Well we all live in ecosystems that need to be carefully balanced. In the case of the aquarium too much water renewal resulted in shock and death of the fish, too little and it was stagnation, disease and a pretty smelly tank.

As teachers we need to have a healthy ecosystem.

Some fish are very content in a small tank – their habitat in the wild is very enclosed and they thrive in such small ‘ponds’. Others are built for wide spaces, for swimming at large, for exploring the deeps.

It would be perverse, unnatural and cruel to force those who thrive in the wild deeps to swim in stagnant pools.

I do hope my colleagues at the #applertc have as good a day tomorrow as they seem to have had today. I am following from my little goldfish bowl.

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